Tuesday, July 26, 2011

pink; ice cream social


You know how it find something you like, or buy a new toy or simply want something sooooo bad and then all of a sudden, IT'S EVERYWHERE!!!!! This happened when I began my obsession with carousels. Everywhere I looked, I found carousel horses in one shape or another. This also flowed onto my friends attracting it too! So what's next? Food in art, of course!!!! Last week I introduced you guys to Jennifer Rubell's Padded Cell, who uses food in her work. It has sparked this HUGE fire in me ever since! Everywhere I turn, I see artists using food!!!

It's not a new thing to use food in art but I am loving the way it is being used in art today. 

David Robbins has combined pink, food and parties (my favourite things!!!), creating works that cross disciplines from art to cakes to a tv pilot. I wont go on about his work here as his website is soooo amazing, I would rather you just click here and spend the time surfing his site. AMAZING!!!!! LOVE IT!

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