Tuesday, July 26, 2011

love; ten things i love
1. Stone fruits! Ahhhh the delights of summer...YUM!

2. This umbrella! Just this morning, on my morning walk, I was thinking I should come up with a parasol range. I do love a parasol, but it is hard to come by a great one. Now this umbrella....well! Check out their full range here. LOVE!!!!
3. Having another application for exhibition approved! On average, I apply to about 40-50 art-realted things a year, whether it be for a show or grant or prize, and most of the time it's a big fat NO. This last month, I've had two exhibitions approved for my return to Melbourne. What a great feeling!!! LOVE!!!!
4. Enjoying the successes of my friends! It seems like all my art friends are on fire at the mo and kicking arse! One bought an apartment in New York and another receiving a major art award for under 30's just in the last week!! The energy must be right, right now! LOVE!!

5. La Ronde. I met a guy this past week who i was telling about my research into carousels and he told me to check out this play. I came across this 1950's movie interpretation, and it totally rocks! The carousel is AMAZING! Check out the film here, film stills here, and a great review of the film by Cockeyed Caravan here. LOVE!!!

6. Downtown Los Angeles Arts District. I can't believe last weekend was my first time down there! It is awful to get to without a car, so thats probably why. The bars are really cool and I loved it so much I was there the next day for their street festival. If you do come to Lala Land, make sure to do some research and check out this part of town. Do not venture in there without a car, especially at night. It neighbours a really shady area! LOVE!

7. A friend of mine posted this video on my F.B page of a nail tutorial on how to paint cupcakes on your finger tips. Too hilarious!!! I did want to rush out and buy these colours. It's on my 'must have' list! LOVE!!!

8. Seeing this lady out and about this week at The Grove. This photo does not do her justice! She was totally OUT THERE with her jewelery, socks with slip on shoes and hair piece! WOW! I do love seeing people dressing out of the norm and really loving it. LOVE!

9. Being taught gold leaf gilding at Running Horses Studio. This photo is what i practiced on. Half of it is with gold leaf and the other is aluminum leaf. I could soooo get lost in it's luminosity! Twas lovely to get back to painting again and be reminded how much joy can be achieved with oil paints. LOVE!!!!

10. Now I'm not one for cars but when one glides on by looking like this one, my eyes do pop out of my head! It was red with SPARKLES!!!!!!! Now that's my kind of a car! LOVE!

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