Tuesday, July 26, 2011

eat; chia seed pudding with blueberries and banana

Chia Seeds. What are they and what's all the fuss? Well, that I aint getting into here but you can check it out here and read up on all the amazing stuff that's out there claiming them to be the latest super food. I must admit to falling victim to the hype. What started it off was when one of my housemates brought home a few bags of free samples he received from the health food store. This started my investigation into what they are and what to do with them.

The most popular thing to do with Chia Seeds is to make pudding. It is sooooooo easy and is such a great snack for you. You can sweeten it for a sweet treat or you can add amazing dried spices to it for a savoury feast. I will be experiementing with these seeds over the next few months to see how far I can push this little seed into creating a wholesome meal. But for today, I'm sharing my very first recipe, Chia Pudding with Blueberries and Banana made with fresh homemade Almond milk. 

Now, if you want to cut out the step below of making your own almond milk, that's fine. You can add store bought almond milk, soya, rice or coconut. You can simply add water if you like! Whatever tickles your fancy. I love the process of making nut milks so this is why I have included it.

What you need;
3/4 cup chia seeds
2 cups almond milk
1/2 cup blueberries
1 banana, sliced
whatever sweetener you are into and however much you like!
few drops of vanilla essence or half scrapped vanilla bean
pinch of cinnamon
pinch of nutmeg

Almond Milk
1 cup raw almonds, soaked 8-12 hours
4 cups water 

To make the milk, all you have to do is place the soaked nuts and water into a blender and whizz away for a few minutes. Easy! The images below show you step by step on what to do.

While the almond milk is whizzing away, place a fine strainer on top of an awaiting container. If you do have nut milk bag, totally go for it. I don't mind my milk with a little texture. Pour the almond milk into the strainer and stir it through. The almond bits left over can be used in creating crackers if you have a dehydrator, otherwise, simply throw it away.

Once you have made the almond milk, stir in the sweetener, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg. Add the chia seeds and stir it through with a fork. Set the pudding in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes, keeping it in the container you have been using. When the time is up, you're good to go! Simply pour it with a spoon into your serving bowls, add blueberries and sliced banana and then EAT!

Now of course you should play around with different fruits and different milks. I'm thinking I will try hazelnut milk with raw cocao powder and raspberries next. YUM!

Buon Appetito!

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