Wednesday, August 3, 2011

eat; sprouting mung beans

This week, I want to share with you all how to sprout Mung Beans. I've been sprouting all sorts of beans lately as they are at their most nutritious when sprouted. The only bean that you should never , ever, ever sprout or eat raw in the Kidney Bean. Apparently it is toxic if not cooked.

Mung Beans are the easiest of all beans to sprout. By starting the night before, it only takes a day and a half before you can sprinkle these beauties onto your salads. The amount below swells up to about a cup and a half. I only make small batches at a time as you shouldn't keep sprouted beans for longer than four days. They are a germ fest if kept any longer than that! If you are interested in learning more about sprouting other varieties of beans, just leave a comment below and I will get onto creating more sprouting posts in the future.

What you need;
1/2 cup of dried organic mung beans
fine colander

To start, rinse the Mung Beans in a colander under running water. Place in a jar and fill the jar to the top with water.

Leave on your kitchen bench to soak overnight.

This is what your beans will look like in the morning, slightly split open with a few 'tails' showing.

Rinse in a colander under running water again.

Leave in the colander and place it on top of your jar. The trick is to get air flowing around the beans. I like to make this on a Sunday when I know I'm just potting around the house, and this is why; every three hours or so, rinse the beans in the colander under running water. You must NOT let the beans run dry. They need the water to sprout, but you certainly don't want it soaking in water. Do a final rinse before bed, but certainly don't get up in the middle of the night to rinse your babies. That's not necessary as they should be on the dryer side when placing them into the refrigerator.

By the next morning, this is what your beans will look like...ready to sprinkle and devour! To store, simply pour into a glass jar and keep in the refrigerator for not longer than four days.

Buon Appetito!!

pink; in the pink

My attention was brought to this project a few weeks ago by a friend of mine in Chicago. In the Pink: the 1,000,000 people art project is an ambitious project by Connie Noyes. Noyes is a practicing artist in Chicago, creating painting, photography and construction. On her In The Pink blog, she claims to be "drawn to candy like surfaces.  Shiny. Bright. Sparkly." My kind of artist!

PINKSpace was initially born to document the artists process of the exploration of the colour in her work. "PINKSpace functions as a metaphor for my” pinkish” physical body and the space I occupy. It is the color attributed to my “female” gender and can evoke heightened sexuality, innocence or saccharine sweetness." 

It seems this focus on her own individual body has resulted in Noyes wanting to extend out from it and try to reach other 'bodies' in the process. She began to ask herself "“Is it possible to form a connection to 1,000,000 people around the world through an art project? If so, how long will it take for this to happen? And, “what does it mean?”" 

PINKSpace has now developed into a world wide project called In The Pink, where Noyes is attempting to get in touch with 1,000,000 people, all connected through the colour pink. The result will be a symposium in November where a number of speakers from diverse backgrounds will speak on the subject of pink within their chosen field. If you are interested in participating, contact Noyes here.

Noyes began PINKSpace to investigate her own relationship to the colour pink and as a result of the process of investigation, has discovered that only through our relationships with others we can truly understand who we are as individuals. I do love that. Afterall, Pink is the color of universal love.

love; ten things i love this week

1. Starting a new blog! As most of you know, I'm currently doing research on carousels in the States. I decided to create a blog that will act as an electronic visual diary of all the things I come across in my research to share with you guys. I will be posting works I create along the way, so sign up and receive updates on my latest posts!
2. Having friends in different cities. The great thing about this is not only do you have a personal tourist guide, but you have a space to lay your head. LOVE!!!
3. Christmas in July Parties! Now this is the way we experience Christmas in Australia...heat, beaches and cherries! We do Christmas in July to enjoy the wintry experience in Australia so it was nice to see Americans enjoying the way we do Christmas. LOVE!

4. Receiving an invite from 'Carousel News' founder Roland Hopkins to join him on a two day tour of carousels in New York city!!! An antique carousel is being installed right now under the Brooklyn Bridge and on this tour, not only will be taken there, but I will also be taken to places that are not open to the public!!! Royal treatment, here I come!!!! I will have to wear my tiara for the personal tour, for sure!!!!! LOVE!

5.  This video!!! OMG! I think I will have to plan a visit to Europe based on an upcoming performance by these guys. Royal de Luxe are amazing! Click here to see an amazing wall of pictures of their creations. LOVE!!!

6. This might be crazy! LOVE!!

7. Fairy lights and flowers! I made this today to warm up my room as my room is looking way too much like the travelers room, without character or personal touches. Looking forward to settling again so I can decorate. LOVE!!

8. Helping a friend make the decision to live on her own. She has been living in share houses all her adult life and it just happened to be the right time. Her apartment is art deco and is truly a beautiful bachelorette pad. LOVE!!!

9. Rooftop outdoor settings. Two of my friends live in apartments with access to rooftops. It truly is a great way to drink wine while watching the day turn into night. LOVE!
10. Water. I've been seeing A LOT of people cleaning pathways here in Los Angeles using water. It makes me cringe everytime! Maybe it's the Australian indoctrinated attitude towards water, but i feel this is such a waste. Learn to love and appreciate water!