Tuesday, November 30, 2010

eat; raw blueberry cheesecake with lemon cream by Cru

OMGWAD!!!! If heaven could be thrown into a blender and served to me on a plate...THIS IS WHAT IT WOULD LOOK LIKE!!!! Look at it! LOOK AT IT!!!!

I'm no real fan of cheesecake these days, but this, a raw blueberry cheesecake from Cru here in Los Angeles, aint no ordinary cheesecake! Even though in my younger years of culinary explorations, I did love a good cheesecake, I rationalize those days of enjoying them (as well as all sorts of other foods i would not eat today) as an act of culinary rebellion against being subjected to my mums Italian cooking all my life. Today, I tend to choose a dessert that has anything to do with berries...oh how i love berries!!! Even the slightest hint of berries, even if plopped on top for decoration, I'll take it!

 I have been totally captivated by the raw foods restaurants here in California and there are soooo many to choose from. My first encounter with a raw restaurant here in the States was Cafe Gratitude ( in San Francisco. Oh how i miss Cafe Gratitude. Yes, they are total hippies, asking you at the end of your meal what you are grateful for, but hey, I'm grateful for having experienced their amazing form of art! The preparation for creating a raw feast exhausts me just thinking about it!

So back to this amazing slice of heaven! Raw foods are not cooked above a certain temperature, so there is no baking involved (which is the reason i could never go all the way with raw!!!). The base of this cheesecake is made with pecan nuts and dates, all mashed together until they stick. The 'cheesecake' is made up of soaked and ground raw cashew, which when treated this way, forms a wonderfully creamy texture. They use other ingredients to hold the 'cheesecake' in place and then add fresh blueberries to it. The texture is amazing just the way you would hope it to be for a cheesecake and the flavours...omgwad...totally awesome! It's creamy consistency hovers around the burst that occurs when you get your jaws around the fresh blueberry...YUM!!! I didn't feel guilty one bit hoeing into this dessert!

The 'cream' on top, made with the soaked and ground cashew nuts, is ever so lightly hinted with lemon. It's consistency is like a thick cream but the texture is better. It definitely highlights all the flavours in the cheesecake and leaves a wonderfully fresh lemon aftertaste. What an amazing treat. 

OMG! Just writing about this raw blueberry cheesecake has made my mouth salivate!!! 

I'm soooooo leaving right now to get me one! 


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