Monday, November 29, 2010

love; my birthday week!

1. My heart shaped diamond pendant i bought for myself with money my mum gave me for my birthday. It is made of 14ct white gold and has 40 tiny diamonds in it. Pretty special! It's second hand as i would never buy new diamonds. Pre existing is definitely more enviro and i love the idea of creating a love story that may have existed as its past.

2. Mi boots!!!! Oh how i love mi boots!!!! These are Regina Doc Martens and I had been salivating at pictures of them for months before my Auntie sent me money for my birthday! Thanks Veronica! Even though they are leather, I allow myself one pair every three years, the rest of the time i buy 'second hand' leather boots.

3. Balthazar! Yep, my favourite restaurant in New York, but the French do not enjoy the amazingness vegetarian cooking can deliver. They only had three dishes for me to choose from but the place itself is soooooo divine! And when a strange man comes along and buys you and your crowd eight hundred and fifty bucks worth of wine, the experience all of a sudden, becomes unforgettable!!

 4. My Birthday cake!!!! I ordered it over the internet and giggled when asked what message to put on my cake...What else could i write?!?!?! It was a yummy coconut cake that we tried to eat over a few days. I ended up giving a quarter of it to a homeless lady one night who was soooo appreciative. Was soooo awesome to give away the last bit of my birthday cake to a total stranger.

5. Yep, Chocolate Teddy Bear Biscuits!!!!! Thanks Marg who brought them over here for me all the way from Australia. LOVE, LOVE,  LOVE THEM! If any of you haven't tried them do all you can to get your hands on a packet...NOW!!!

 6. The sound of leaves tap dancing in the wind. Yep, it's that time of year here in Los Angeles that us Aussies call Autumn. I do love when the wind picks up and the leaves dance around me!

7. One of my dearest friends Kiera sent me this picture. She took it in the backyard of her house one morning this last week. Take a closer look at what these two amazing lovers have created between them!!!!!       

8. Reading in The Power, by Rhonda Burn to keep the bills in my purse with the front side facing me at all times, reminding me to have a positive attitude towards money. Love brings more in, hate repels it...SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!

9. My new sequence dress that i wear during the day! Go on and wear sequence during daylight hours and see how many people smile at you. I wore it yesterday to do some grocery shopping and hopped on a bus. Almost everyone on the bus smiled at me sparkling away during the day...LOVE!!! BTW, that aint me in the pic, I wear it with a long sleeve crisp white shirt underneath...very cool indeed!!

10. F.B messages left from all around the world wishing me a happy birthday. And this year, i enjoyed my birthday over two days because of two hemispheres!!! Gotta love that!!!!

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