Monday, December 6, 2010

love; 10 things i found to love this week

1. Flannel Sheets! Yep, it's that cold here in L.A the flannel sheets have come out, believe it or not! Oh how I love flannel sheets in the winter. My housemate thinks they are totally unsexy suggesting I should imagine horizontal folk dancing between these sheets! 'As if!', she proclaims. Well, I might have to agree...yes they are completely unsexy!!!!! But if you don't have a human hot water bottle, between stops, i think they are a great addition to any bed!!

photo by Julie Ponder
2. Sprinkling a few drops of essential Lavender Oil onto my freshly washed sheets as i'm making up my bed. If you haven't done this before, i suggest giving it a go! Sooo nice to slip in under the sheets after doing this...and apparently lavender helps you have a better nights sleep. Double bonus! 
FYI, it is also a great ant repellent!!!
3. L.A bus drivers! I've had the most fun bus drivers here in L.A than anywhere else in the world! I always make an effort to say hi and ask how they are doing when boarding and yelling out "Thankyou!" as i exit the bus. One bus driver greeted me with such a huge smile one day when I was wearing a really feminine flowing pale blue dress. "I really like your dress! You know why i like your dress?" he asked, as i was sliding my money into the slot. "No', I  answered with anticipation. "It reminds me of a fairytale. You look  like a princess!" Boy did he make my day!!!!
4. Madura Tea. Oh how I love a cup of this Australian tea! I love it soooo much that when i lived in Beijing for three months, I brought my own supply of this tea. All the tea in China has nothing on my Madura! I have my favourite mug I like to drink from that I have also brought from home. I like my tea strong with a quarter of a teaspoon of sugar and a dash of milk. The small amount of sugar does make a difference fyi! It does to my tea what a pinch of salt does to cooking!

photo by Julia Theobalt
5. Chocolate stilettos?!?!?! WTF?!?!?! I want them and i wanna crunch on them soooo bad!!!! My friend Julishka who lives in Berlin went on a trip with her boyfriend to Amsterdam and came across these shoes tagging me in the picture on facebook! How lovely!
6. Talking about shoes...HAVE AT LOOK AT THEEEESSSSE!!!! Miu Miu released a whole collection of shoes last year inspired by the old fashioned teapot. Wish I could afford a pair or three!!!! I'm keeping a close eye on ebay!!
7. Hummingbirds drinking the nectar from the brightly coloured cactus flowers in my backyard. Did you know they are the only birds that can fly backwards?!?!?! They are the sweetest looking birds and move so elegantly and strategically while feeding. The neighbours cat, Maurice, seems to think so too!!!!
 8. Watching people people watching. I love doing this on the bus especially. It is an exercise in letting your imagination run wild wondering what the person you are looking at is thinking of the person they are looking at!!!!
9. My Bialetti espresso maker. Hale the espresso maker!!! I can't start my morning without it! I even travel with my maker so i don't miss out on my morning ritual. If you love coffee, do yourself a favor and by one of these machines!!!

photo by Christo Crocker
10. A good artist friend of mine, Simon Zoric sent me a link to his blog during the week. I love his work and was completely blown away by this piece which he calls Mood-O-Meter. You can't see the tiny writing in this pic, but it's range goes from Angry, Depressed to Horny. How amazing would it be if all of us had one of these strapped around our necks?!?!?! You would certainly know who to keep well away from and who you should gravitate towards!

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