Monday, November 29, 2010

pink; old lady poodle

This is my pink thing for the week. It is a work by Los Angeles artist Marnie Weber called Old Lady Poodle and is part of her costumes collections (you should check out her other ones if you think this is strange!). Her work includes photography, sculpture, installations, film, video, performances and she has a band called The Spirit Girls who have played at various art venues. I don't know much about this artist as i only came across her through West Of Rome's e-news this morning. Weber has a current work on view until the 20th of December at Mountain View Cemetery and Mausoleum. Here's the link for further details, If in L.A, this is a must see! I'll be getting out there next week. Will take me FOREVER without a car!  Her work looks wildly strange with a concentration on creating fictional stories of half woman, half animal adventures. I like the way she merges the boundaries of film, theatre and art. This seems to be a very Los Angeles thing to do for artists here, which is the reason why i  have come here! Her web address is where you can see more of her work.


  1. is it a 'Los Angeles thing to do for artists' so that they might have more contacts and gain more contracts or work across different creative industries? Or is that an unjustly cynical question?

  2. Who knows Ace! But the likes of Paul McCarthy sure has an L.A thing going on! Apparently a whole herd of artists came out from his teachings doing similar stuff. I think it may be the availability to all this amazing film stuff here that is discarded so often too.