Thursday, September 1, 2011

pink; hare swing

I have limited internet right now so no real blabbering is going to happen today on eatpinklove. Apologies in advance :0(

This work titled Hare Swing was created in 2010 by Adam McEwen who is a New York based artist. It is made of fiberglass, lacquer and rope. McEwen's work has been discribed as turning the banal into poetic interventions, disorientating the viewer's perception in a novel way.

When looking at this work, I can't help but think of Alice In Wonderland. It's as if the ending of the story was turned into a satisfying and revengeful win for Alice, who followed the hare down the rabbit hole. The victory of being able to swing on the dead rabbit is her own personal achievement for being lead astray by it.

I cannot help but try and imagine how I would feel swinging on this object. Swinging instigates feelings of euphoria, freedom and youthfullness, but I cannot imagine experiencing this if I were to swing on this fiberglass hare. It is the point I suppose. McEwen does a wonderful job with this work to twist our own prescribed feelings towards an act that is ingrained in us from childhood and twists it so we can re-examine where that is actually coming from. 

I do love this work, even if it does churn my stomach a little. I would have to be standing infront of it to really answer the question "Would I actually swing on this hare?' Not sure if I would, but that is exactly what is asked of this work.

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