Thursday, September 22, 2011

love; ten things i love

Seeing I haven't posted since I was in New York a few weeks ago, I thought I would back track and list the top ten things of my last week in New York.

1. This image of a nanny with little twin girls in pink. Check them out with their little shopping bags looking like grown ups! LOVE!

2. Going to a Tiki bar with my friend Bonnie. Seriously, why did I wait to be on the East coast to go to one?!?!?! These Pina Colada's were AMAZING!!! Must try the Volcano next time I'm at a Tiki Bar!

3. Eating Indian at probably the most fire hazardous place on earth! This restaurant in the East Village, New York is a MUST experience. If you suffer from claustrophobia, probably not a great idea!!!

4. Seeing this random guy who strung up a hammock on traffic light poles at a busy intersection in New York. Well, why not?!?!? Gotta love that!!!

5. Coming across this MASSIVE sculpture of the world along my travels to the carousel in Queens. Absolutely stunning!

6. Having cold Borscht at Veselka in the East Village. This is one of those iconic places that's open 24 hours! Great Ukranian food and this soup was definitely a fantastic cool-me-down whilst in the midst of a New York summer. LOVE!

7. Buying up BIG at Baltazzar! Cakes go on half price special daily at 7.30pm. I probably shouldn't be giving away this secret, but I always go when I'm in New York, spending the evening having cakes for dinner, and think this experience should be shared!...YUM!!! Not vegan, but this is when I say I am vagan (vaguely vegan), not vegan. I mean seriously, how can anyone resist a french dessert?!?!?

8. Project Parlor in Bed Stuy. This is where I frequented as it was stumbling distance home! Gotta love that about New York! And this is where we took our cakes from Baltazzar and ate cakes with a few Bees Knees! LOVE!!!

9.  These 'Don't Honk' signes all over downtown Brooklyn. Seriously?!?! LOVE how ridic it all is!

10. Enjoying a last meal with my friends Katya and Bonnie of pasta and garlic bread :0) We haven't been together in about three years so this was a fitting meal, seeing I would ALWAYS cook pasta for my friends when we were hung over. LOVE!

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