Thursday, September 22, 2011

pink; my kylie collection

I was trying to find a pink work by Daniel Von Sturmer  for todays post as he is having his first show in Los Angeles and is a fellow Australian, but I can't seem to find one (get onto it Daniel!!!). So, to celebrate his first showing in Los Angeles, I've decided to go with Kathy Temin, another fellow Australian and of Daniel's generation of artists. She has created sooooo many pink works, it's great! 

It all began with her installation called My Kylie Collection created in 2001.Temin was an avid fan of Kylie Monogue whilst growing up in the '80's and with this installation, she pulled together her teenage collection of Kylie memorabilia to comment on celebrity culture and it's influence on teen culture. Here is a great article on the history of the process of the work and ideas surrounding the installation.

What's interesting about this instalaltion is how we relate to it. Almost every teenager has a celebrity obsession at some point and to some degree. We recognise the ludicrously of our obsessions when confronted with this installation, reminding us of the amount of money and time we spent thinking about our celebrity crushes during our teen years. What did it mean? How did it shape who we are today? What if we were to meet our teenage celebrity crushes as adults today and how does it reflect on who we are if we are adults still carrying these obsessions? Hmmm. Lots to think about with this work.

Since this installation, Temin has enjoyed huge success on the Australian art scene, her most memorable work being created as artist-in-residence in New York titled Auditions for a pair of Koalas (2002) where she did a call out for Americans to come and audition as Koalas for a video performance. They were asked to 'act' like Koalas, even though the actors had never seen how koalas behave in the wild. Very funny indeed!

Feel free to write who your celebrity obsession was as a teenager and if you still have it today as an adult in the comments box below. I'd love to hear what you had in your collection and if you still own them today.

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