Thursday, June 30, 2011

eat; cupcakes!

I've been eating salads since arriving in L.A as I have just returned from a three month stay with my mum in Australia. Most of you know that I haven't been home in a year and so my good old Italian mum pulled out all the stops in feeding me all my favourite Italian foods over the time I was there. Yep, all carb fueled deliciousness; from amazing bread to pasta. I ate like a horse!!!! I even indulged in Italian cheeses!!!!

So now I'm back on track and really haven't been eating anything that amazing, even though I know salads can be amazing. Basically I'm detoxing for a while. And of course, when one does detox, they begin to crave all sorts of things that one doesn't normally eat! I'm not much of a sweet tooth but all of a sudden, all I'm wanting is luscious cupcakes! RIDIC!

To keep with the kitsch theme of eatpinklove this week, what is more kitsch in food than the humble (not so these days!) cupcake? Nothing! So for this weeks post, I thought I would direct you guys onto some vegan and raw blogs I keep an eye on. Some do amazing vegan desserts, some only raw, but all are great resources when you're feeling the need to experiment and create an amazing mouth explosion that is actually good for you! Enjoy!

1. Chef Chloe must be THE Vegan Cupcake Queen! She also does all things vegan and some crazy looking fun vegan biscuits for my favourite holiday, Halloween.

2. For a raw treat, check out Sweetly Raw. Her deserts are amazing and yes, you can make a raw cupcake! She only does raw sweets and so can easily be crowned the Queen of Raw Desserts!

3. Golubka is an amazing blog for raw foods. She isn't into cupcakes at all saying they "make [her] yawn uncontrollably".  Check out this blog for amazing photos, crisp clean food, design and yummy raw desserts.

4. Post Punk Kitchen has a very cool take on presenting vegan recipes, including savoury dishes. They have published a book called Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. Very funny indeed!
5. The Daily Raw Cafe is AMAZING! The post I have linked is her first attempt at making raw cupcakes and they look great! Will have to try this recipe for sure!

Well, that's it on my search for vegan and raw cupcakes. Let me know if you've come across an amazing raw or vegan blog that is a MUST to know!

Until next week,

Buon Appetito!


  1. omg i hate you for posting all those pics! i don't have the balls to try a vegan cupcake...YET. great great post!

  2. Let's do it together! I really want to try the raw ones too!