Tuesday, July 12, 2011

love; ten things I love this week

1. This great picture my friend Natalie found at a yard sale while I was back in Australia. She thought of me straight away! It is super creepy and one does wonder what the hell is going on in there! LOVE!!!
2. Watching fire works from my friends front lawn in Echo Park for the 4th of July celebrations. The Mexican neighbours were all out with there fireworks and entertained us for hours with their sky rocketing displays. LOVE!!!
3. Hanging out with friends at a German beer garden, drinking beer and eating German food! I'm not a fan of German food, but this beer garden was the closest thing I've experienced to Australian Pubs here in L.A which I always miss when the heat is on. BTW, my German friend on F.B was MORTIFIED that I ate a soy sausage at a German Tavern. lol!!! LOVE!

4. Cooking and eating with my friend glo (yes she spells it with SMALL g!) I love introducing her to the amazingness of raw food and teaching her a few tricks! She loves food as much as I do and is always up for going somewhere to check out food. This week gone by, we were on the hunt for Persian Fairy Floss! LOVE!!!!

5. This great TED video about giving yourself a 30 day challenge to try something new. I've incorporated a walk in the mornings after my coffee and morning pages sessions and loving it! Try it out! LOVE!!!
6. Buying myself a fan! It is ridiculous how a fan can change your world when the heat is on! And it's recycled as I bought it for 10 bucks from the thrift store! LOVE!!!

7. Non-dairy, non-soy ice-cream! This IS what I love about the United States of America; the variety to choose! I had a whole tub the other night of ice-cream made out of coconut milk. YUM!!!!  I will be attempting a few recipes for raw ice-cream soon, so watch out for upcoming posts! LOVE!


8. Hanging out with one of ex-roomies in the back yard of where I used to live, here in Lala Land. We would spend hours chatting away about the universe. It was lovely to relive it again. LOVE!

9. Adding spirulina into my green smoothies.As if spinach and kale was not green enough! If you haven't tried incorporating this green amazingness into your diet, I highly recommend it!  LOVE!!!

10. The latest book I devoured in a day!...A Feminine Manifesta! LOVE!!!!

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  1. aww, thanks! that's so sweet i got a mention! that goddamn fairy're right, i can still smell it. ooh and that's a great pic of you and dolphina!