Sunday, May 22, 2011

pink; the total female animal

photo Elyss McCleary
Google Me This is an exhibition I am currently showing in but I wont write about my own work as it is not pink (even though it is full of glitter and even features a tiara!). Instead, I have chosen Carmen Reid's work who is co-curator of the exhibition.

Google Me This asked artists involved to google their own names and create a work based on someone else's identity. As you can imagine, the result is a mixed bag of easy to get and absolutely way out interpretations, especially as there are 53 artists from various backgrounds involved in the exhibition. 

Carmen Reid chose Carmen Miranda as her source of inspiration. Judging by the title of the work, Reid obviously wanted to have fun (lots of fun) with this work! The image above shows an installation of pink champagne, maracas, a scarf head piece and even garter belts! Full of feminine symbols, Carmen went the hack with all things pink to create the work. The funny thing is Carmen herself is not a pink person and her work never deals with the feminine. This is what was great about creating work for an exhibition with such a strong brief; it gave us permission to explore themes we would never really consider within our practice. 

You can check out the rest of the works here. The exhibition is on until June 5th at The Library Artspace, 100 Barkly St, North Fitzroy, Wed-Sun 12-5pm.

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