Sunday, May 22, 2011

love; ten things i love this week

1. Installing for an exhibition. Yes it IS the most stressful time for an artist and exhausting but there is something kinda great about seeing your work all finished and ready for the showing. It's that satisfaction you get when something you imagined in your head finally comes to fruition. LOVE!

2. Opening night of an exhibition you're involved with. Scary yet thrilling. The idea that no-one may come is soooo overwhelming! Nice to share your work with loved ones though. LOVE!

3. Getting a phone call from the Italian radio station, Rete Italia here in Melbourne for an interview THIS FRIDAY about my work in Google Me This! They will be pod casting it so there is noooooo escape! LOVE!

4. Cannoli from Bisetto! I am thoroughly enjoying catching up on a years supply of these! My family have been going to this Italian cakeshop since it opened in 1972 and the tradition is still going. Every birthday has a 'Bisetto' birthday cake. When in Melbourne, you MUST travel out to Northcote for one of these delights! LOVE!

5. This 'spray' food dye! I've gone all gold over the last week as I'm doing research for an upcoming exhibition and came across this! How amazing to EAT gold food! LOVE!

6. Calliope music! I am a little obsessed with this right now! Yep, doing more research! You can check out some amazing clips on youtube of the machines doing there thing here.  LOVE!

7. Too funny! Sculptures made from food. Check it out here. LOVE!

8. The smell of the sea. This week, I ended up in the bayside suburbs here in Melbourne and was reminded of how great the smell of the sea actually is.  LOVE!

 9. And the sounds of the sea! These poor birds always get a bad wrap. I've had a soft spot for them ever since I was a kid, maybe because they are always targeted by people or maybe because there is ALWAYS one in the flock that has a broken, missing or distorted leg. LOVE!

10. Introducing my friends 7 year old daughter to one of my favorite kitchen equipment; the spirooli! We made raw zucchini spaghetti and she looooooved it! My friend hopped onto Amazon the second we finished eating  and ordered one. Apparently it's been working overtime since it arrived in the mail. LOVE!


  1. i love those food pics!!! and that edible spray?!! are you KIDDING ME!

  2. Love the blog. I'm about to do a post on all things pink as I have recently rediscovered it and have decided it makes me very very happy indeed :)

    Maria xx

  3. Hi Marie!

    Glad you enjoy eatpinklove! I really enjoyed your post on pink and it's reintroduction into your life. Pink makes me very, very happy too and in the contemporary art world, it doesn't really seem to have a place, thats why I created one! Look forward to hearing more on your pink experiences! Long live pink!