Wednesday, December 7, 2011

love; ten things i love this week

Well it's been a few weeks since my last post and soooooo much has happened that I am grateful for, it's crazy to only come up with ten! But I will try!

1. Creating work again! Yes it's been a while since I got out the saw and hammer to create a work but let me tell you, I certainly have the bug to work with wood again! LOVE!!!

2. Having help installing my show. Seriously, how great are friends when they come along to help out with something that means sooo much to you?!?!?! Thanks again guys (you know who you are ;0)

3. Opening night of my exhibition. Really, I think that's what most artists look forward to when making! Well, maybe just me. I always did love Show and Tell as a kid in Primary school! LOVE!!!!

4. My birthday with the fam :0) Yep, same Italian cake for every event in our family since 1974! LOVE!

5. Coming across this yesterday at the coffee shop near the gallery. LOVE!!!

6. Receiving an IPhone3G hand-me-down. WOW!!! Talk about changing my life! Now I check my emails and whats going on on F.B about 50 times a day rather than the usual 20! LOL! LOVE!


 7. PROCRASTIBAKING!!!!! What a great term! My friend Mel told me that's what I was doing when I spent the WHOLE day baking Italian biscuits and cake instead of actually doing my artwork! LOVE! 

8. Buying my mum a new stove! She wont accept rent from me so I decided to buy her this AMAZING stove. LOVE!!!

9. Getting yet another friend hooked on green smoothies!!!! YAY!!!!

10. Having time to write again! I have missed writing for eatpinklove and also myyearincarousel. I do love it and looking forward to writing more! LOVE!