Thursday, November 10, 2011

love; ten things i love this week

1. Ok, Halloween is sooooo over but I couldn't help but mention it in this weeks post as I  missed not being in the States for it! A friend of mine shared this link on F.B. Now this is when Halloween was scary and home-made, not sexy and polished! LOVE!

2. I may be a little Halloween obsessed but how could I not direct you all to these amazing pumpkin carvings even if Halloween is sooooo over! LOVE! 

3. Filming! I do LOVE being in a film studio. It is actually one of the most natural environments I have ever experienced! LOVE!1!
4. Becoming a finalist in the Toyota Travel Award! Even though I didn't win, I loved the opportunity to 'show and tell' my work to a panel. Scarey and nerve racking to begin with but I totally fell into a wonderful feeling after the third slide and enjoyed the process! LOVE!

5. All the supportive comments on F.B by you guys about my talk to the Toyota execs. Really blown away by your amazingness! THANKS!!!

6. These photos of pets with a disability by Carli Davidson. LOVE!!!

7. Finding out my application was approved for the Summer Residency Program held at Victoria University for January! WOW! A HUGE free studio and the opportunity to inspire some students! YAY! LOVE!

8. This personality test! Totally follow the link and do it! You will get a HUGE report at the end and it will tell you exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are and what drives you! LOVE!!!

9. This 60 year project!!! LOVE IT! Thanks Nat!

10. Working on my up coming exhibition. Can't show you any pics yet (even though I really want to!) but let me tell you, I"M LOVING IT!!!! Oh and sending invites to all my friends O.S. Sad you guys can;t make it but LOVE the idea of the invite stuck to your fridges!


  1. wow! i *really* loved that halloween site! it's amazing to look at people from the olden days and how they lived. thank you so much for posting it

  2. You're welcome! I'm completely fascinated with how Halloween was celebrated many moons ago. All this sexy stuff is just plain ridiculous!