Friday, October 21, 2011

love; ten things i love this week
1. Finding out I am one in five finalists for a major art award! YAY. Fingers crossed! LOVE!

2. Eating cupcakes sprinkled with glitter on a train ride heading out of Melbourne! LOVE!

3. Checking out one of the oldest carousels here in Australia in Geelong. It was made in 1895 and is the oldest carousel I have checked out so far. LOVE!

4. Buying this door on ebay for my next work! Will keep you all posted on it's developments! LOVE!

5. Going to the hardware store and buying up BIG for my next project. Something kinda fun about a trip to the hardware store leading up to an exhibition! LOVE!

Leigh Wright
6. Having a meeting with my film crew at the North Melbourne Town Hall Pub over a few pots of beer (thats glasses for ye Americans!). Ahhhhh, Australian Beer Gardens, I missed you! And what a perfect office you make! lol!
7. Baking. I haven't really baked that much at all this year, preferring raw sweets to baked cakes, but this week, my mum requested my banana cake, which I haven't made in years! There is something lovely about the house being filled with the smell of a cake baking. LOVE!

8. I came across these 'finger monkeys' last week and think they are AMAZING! I can't imagine them actually existing for real but apparently they do! LOVE

9. Watching The Devil Wears Prada on telly. Great to see New York again even if it is on telly and how great is Merryl Streep?!?! LOVE!

10. Swapping my flannel sheets with summer sheets! It is the sign of summer coming. YAY! LOVE!

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