Wednesday, August 10, 2011

pink; passport to the playground, act 2

Nick Cave is an artist working in sculpture, installation, performance and video, currently practicing in Chicago. His background is in fiber textiles and modern dance and in his art practice, he brings these two influences together. The images in this post are video stills of Passport To The Playground, Act 2, which is going to be on show at Mary Boone Gallery from September 10th (I will have just missed it!)

Nick Cave creates these 'suits' with various materials and then proceeds to perform in them with other dancers in a choreographed dance. He calls them 'soundsuits' as most of the suits actually make sounds from the fiber choosen. This link will take you to the video created with the pink suit above. It's sounds are fun, reminding me of plonking infront of the TV on saturday afternoons to watch cartoons as a kid when bongs, dongs and splats were the background sounds to this time of the week. 

Or they could also bring to mind animated long haired penis' doing their dance to attract a mate in a hilarious imitation of how sex can be oh soooo funny, with the noises of love making turned into a sound artists delight! I do love that!

These soundsuits are captivating to say the least. A long haired pink think bonging up and down to annimated sounds defintiely puts a smile on my face, whilst captivating my imagination as to who is actually in there? What does it feel like to perform in the suit? Can I have a go?

His youtube channel has a collection of his suit performances. You can peruse his varying videos and sound suits and really get to enjoy what this artist intended with his creations. He wants his audience to smile, enjoy and laugh at his work, to forget their real life and real dramas, if only for a second.

Below is a short interview with the artist talking about his work and where it all began. I love his child-like spirit that comes through in this video and how he simply wants to bring joy to the world with his art. Love that!

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