Wednesday, July 20, 2011

love; ten things i love this week
1. This video David Lynch created to promote his new coffee range. Pretty wacky really but what do you expect from a man who hung outside on a busy corner in L.A with a live cow and a picture of Laura Dern to promote her role in Inland Empire for best actress?!?! LOVE!

3. This crazy video on youtube I came across while doing some research for an upcoming project. I really love the reactions from the people sitting there on their way home! LOVE!

4. I showed you months ago cats with wigs, this week I stumbled across dogs with wigs! Check it out here! LOVE!

5. These 'typewriter paintings'! how cool is this?!?!?!

6. More paper...check out Jum Nakao paper dresses! Here is a link to his fliker account. LOVE!

7. The reports about mating turtles stopping traffic on the JFK runway. What better way to stop traffic! LOVE!!!

8. Going to San Diego with Nat for her birthday and wearing our tiara's all weekend! What a way to get free drinks!!! LOVE!!

9. Spending the day at the beach at Coronado, San Diego. Nothing like just hanging with friends, reading magazines and eating! LOVE!!!

10. Taking video footage of carousels!!! It's all happening and I'm soooo loaded with ideas that I can't wait for my next exhibition!!! The carousel in this picture is the one at Griffith Park. It's where Walt Disney was inspired to create Disneyland!!!!  LOVE!!!

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  1. Hey again! I need you to email me as I will be heading into Los Angeles on August 12th, staying until August 16th...then going to San Diego for three days, returning to Los Angeles for one day, and then going to Anaheim until August 23rd. Wondering if maybe we can get together for some lunch? Email me at danisuicidaphoto at aol dot com.