Tuesday, May 3, 2011

love; ten things i love this week

1. Hestons Feast! I'm sooooo in love with this guy and completely obsessed with his show to the point where I actually don't make plans on Thursday nights because of it! He has a show on SBS here in Australia but you can check them out here or on youtube. This coming week, he is doing a Fairytale theme, pumpkin and all! Click here to see how he creates Alice In Wonderlands Drink Me potion. LOVE!

2. Having my mum in one of my upcoming video installations wearing a tiara! She walked down the street where she lives with it on as we filmed her. Too funny really! Keep you all posted on eatpinklove's Facebook page of where it will be streaming! LOVE!

3. One of my dearest L.A friends brought my attention to this! How amazing is the idea?!?!? LOVE!

4. Alexander McQueens upcoming show! Wish I was in New York for it! Check this out! LOVE his chessboard show!

5. Op shopping! Thrift Stores to all ye Americans out there! I went for a big binge this week and came home with some great new outfits! I'm heading back to Lala Land for the summer so was on the search for some amazing summer dresses. Can't wait to wear them! LOVE!

6. Hula hoops! I gotta get me one soon! Check out the benefits of practicing hula hooping here. LOVE!

7. My friend glo's (she likes to use a little 'g' when writing her name!) latest post on how to make a green smoothie! She beat me to it and did a mighty fine job at it! Check it out here. LOVE!

8. My friend Sam. She knows I love anything heart shaped and sent me a photo of her thumb with chipped nail polish that happened to be in the shape of a heart! LOVE!

9. Pleasantville! What a lully movie! I watched this last week at a friends place while eating popcorn. LOVE!

10. I know Easter is over, but I am loving biting into the ears of chocolate bunnies this week! Check out this video on how to kill a chocolate bunny! LOVE!


  1. santina, these are great! so sweet of you to include me!!!!!! srsly, thx!

    i love that heart nail polish too!

  2. You did SUCH a great job on your green smoothie post that there was NO WAY I couldn't include it in my top 10!Have you checked out Heston yet?!?!?!

  3. I <3 op shopping too! I find some really amazing stuff where I am... I'm always finding neat things from o/seas, I think 'cause I live in such a tourist town maybe? I found a vintage Ramones t-shirt from Japan a little while ago for like $4! :)

  4. Hey Bianca, I'm starting to think it is a very Australian thing to do! But I suppose it may be that the U.S is the consumerist capital in the world and does offer new things sooooo darn cheap it's ridic! But nothing beats vintage shopping in L.A!!! Back in 3 weeks for the summer...and vintage shopping!YAY!