Monday, February 21, 2011

love; ten things i love this week

I know V Day is over but I had such a great day with a book by Pipilotti Rist arriving after I was told it was lost in the post and great news that I am holding close to my chest at this stage, so I decided to dedicate this weeks ten things to ten heart shaped things I love.
1. This forest in Spain! It's at a place called El Pico De Las Nieves and I love it! I've always had a fantasy of running through a pine forest naked...I might have to go to Spain! LOVE!!!
2. How cute is this birthmark on these Chihuahuas? I don't particularly love these types of dogs but I do love the idea of being born with a heart shaped birthmark!!!! LOVE!!!!!

3. The Great Barrier Reef has this amazing heart shaped reef. LOVE!!!!!

4. Heart shaped watermelon?!?!?! Apparently a farmer couple in Japan have been trying to achieve this for years to express the love between them. Check this out. LOVE!!!

5. Speaking of heart shaped fruit...Check out these oranges from Korea! Talk about a loving dose of Vitamin C! LOVE!!!

6. Jayne Mansfield was completely obsessed with pink that she created a pink Mansion here in L.A complete with a heart shaped bath and heart shaped swimming pool! LOVE!!!!
7. Heart shaped cactus?!?!? Now that's saying something!!!! LOVE!

8. How great are these trees?!?!?! Talk about loving gardening!! I want to live in a house that has heaps of trees like this! LOVE!!!
9. Heart shaped ceramic plates? Yes please!!!!!  I think I would have a great day everyday knowing I was to eat off these!  One day I will have a complete set :0) LOVE!!!!
10. Heart shaped cucumber! Now this would make eating cucumber sooooo much more fun (not that it isn't fun now!) Check out this link to find out how you can grow them too! LOVE!!!!

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