Sunday, February 13, 2011

love; 10 things I love this week
1. This video. Yes I know it's an oldy but how good does it make you feel?!?! It's definitely a reminder to share the love! LOVE!!!!

2. Ai Wei Wei. He is an amazing artist doing amazing things. There is a feature film being made about him and the website dedicated to the film has some great videos attached of his work and his impact on the Chinese people and government. Check them out here. He currently has a show in the Turbine Hall at the Tate if anyone is planning a visit to London before May 2nd. Don't you love this photo of him?!?!?! LOVE!!!!!
3. I was reminded of my love for David Lynch this week through a friend on F.B who I introduced my work to. She linked me to this video which of course is WONDERFUL!!!! Check it out and enjoy the ride!!!!! BTW, before coming here to L.A I decided I wanted to meet David and make him a raw strawberry cheesecake. I am yet to make the cheesecake! LOVE!!!
3. Speaking of rabbits...This pic of a giant bunny?!?!?! I'm working on a video at the moment that has a bunny (am I trying to be a female Lynchy or what?!?!?) and I think I might be falling in love with bunnies!!! I do love this pic! Initially, I thought it was photoshoped and didn't want to know details as details can ruin the imagination, but it is real! Check this link out!!!! JUSHIKA! Find out where he lives so we can meet him!!!! LOVE!!!!
4. Maine Coons!!!!! Speaking of giant domestic pets!!!! I discovered these cats just last year. Marie Antoinette apparently had her cats shipped over to Maine on the East coast of the U.S, planning to follow them, but she was beheaded before she could escape. The people on Maine thought they were a cat bred with a raccoon, thus their name. Check out this video, they are MASSIVE cats!!!! LOVE!!!

5. Now I really have gone crazy on giant fluffy domestic pets!!! How cool is this photo and this dog! I do love it when dogs think they're humans. Shows the love their owners have for them. LOVE!!!!
6. These nails!!!! Those of you that know me well, know my alter ego is a Nail Technician from the outer 'burbs of Melbourne, so you would expect me to LOVE this!!! You can find the instructions on how to create your own here, but it is in French. Words printed backwards on your fingertips?!?! LOVE!!!!

7. Following my Number 6 this week, I used Google Translator to translate the instructions for how to create the newspaper nails. I LOVE GOOGLE TRANSLATOR!!!! I've been playing around with really dirty talk and listening to it in different languages. Soooo many hours of fun!!! LOVE!!!!

8. These plates!!!! How cool are they?!?!? My housemate recently bought them and they are like those little love candies that are around for the upcoming V day. I do LOVE these plates and rumor has it, I may be receiving some soon! Can't wait to serve some raw love on them for my friends! LOVE!!!!
9. Homemade face masks! Tomorrow night for V Day, the single ladies are gathering at our house and I'm making fresh face masks for everyone! I do love putting what I eat onto my face! Something kinda strange yet satisfying about it! LOVE!!!!
10. Vodka and Cranberry! Last night I went out and drank this all night and today I have NO hangover! I'm convinced it's because the cranberry has Vitamin C that helps the body to recover (well, that's what I'm sticking with!).  LOVE!!!!!

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