Sunday, January 16, 2011

pink; five pink heads in the corner

Anyone know whats going on here because I certainly don't! Ahhhh Bruce, you are incredible!!! Just ask Hennesy! Bruce Nauman has been known for his eclectic mix of mediums and subject matter. His practice has been described as "fascinated by the nature of communication and language's inherent problems, as well as the role of the artist as supposed communicator and manipulator of visual symbols." Got that?!?!?!
Naumans sculpture above, is made from epoxy resin and fiberglass. They are heads stacked on top of each other and the tongue of each head is poking out. Five Pink Heads In The Corner (1992) makes me think of naughty kids sent to stand in the 'naughty corner', face the wall and 'think about what they have done', during the olden days of Primary School. Wait...I'm I having a flash back right now?!?!?! Or is the 'naughty corner' a collective memory that actually never existed? I was one of those kids that always got caught doing naughty stuff or blamed for others doing naughty stuff. This work is definitely bringing back those kinds of flashbacks for me.

Feel free to write a comment below of what you think is going on here with this sculpture. Would love to hear what people are thinking when looking at this. Naumans work is challenging at the best of times and this work definitely does not give anything away.

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