Monday, December 20, 2010

pink; chrissy special!

I've decided to open up this post to contain any contemporary artist creating works in pink after Hennessey Youngman's raid on F.B and his comment about works having a different meaning depending on the sex of the artist. Check out this vid on how to be a successful artist. The guy is onto something!

Meanwhile, most of you have seen my obsession on F.B with Paul McCarthy earlier this year, and even though this work is not pink, there is a pink wall within the installation (ok?!?!). For this Chrissy special, I couldn't go past Paul McCarthy's Peter Paul Chocolates. It is a hilarious installation created in New York in which the 6,000 square-foot Maccarone Gallery was transformed into a completely functional Chocolate Factory and retail store open to the public seven days a week from mid-November through to the end of 2007. It produced 1,000 chocolate figurines daily with the melting, tempering, molding, and other processes of making visible to visitors through observation windows created within the space.

So whats soooo special about the chocolates produced?!?!?! Well, they were a 10", 1-lb. chocolate figure called Santa With Tree And Bell. But if you look closely, Santa's tree certainly looks alot like a butt plug and the bell that he clasps in his hand looks like...well....hmmmm....and the bit dangling from his hand...ummmm....(?).  McCarthy has been known to use ketchup, mayonnaise and chocolate sauce as representations of bodily fluids within his entire practice and so these chocolate Santas holding a 'tree' become interesting objects up for discussion with this knowledge (check out last video at the bottom of this post).

McCarthy's practice is hilarious or disturbing, depending on who's looking at it and from which angle. I could start raving on about what this work means, it's criticism towards consumerist culture, the effects of  the commercialism of fairytales and myths, etcetera, etcetera, but that wouldn't be fun!  Watch the video below and have a chuckle with Paul. The guy is brilliant and states the obvious about what this project is for him. The video is a little slow to start with and the sound is terrible, but bare with it. It is sooooo funny and I really like the way the gallery owner expresses her enthusiasm for the piece!

Below are images from the instalation...gee I wish I could have seen it!

And here is the pink wall I promised!!!!

Check out the hand work below!!!!! Too funny!!!!!

I do love these images. Paul McCarthy likes the 'bit shit' look and thats what's going on here. I can imagine these Santas were not quite perfect, ended up in the bucket to be re-melted and here comes Paul going "They're perfect!!!!!", and vola, a great work!

Below is a funny video of art professionals sampling Pauls chocolate. It is ridiculous and funny. Wine and chocolate are meant to be a great partnership! There is a mention of Echo Park where Paul did a performance....ummmm....AT MY LOCAL PARK!!!!!!!! Soooo love living here! Oh and he lives in Pasadena which is a few suburbs away...gotta meet this guy!

Buon Natale to you all!!!!

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