Friday, October 7, 2011

love; ten things i love this week

1. The out pouring of love surrounding an amazing man's departure from the world as we know it. I loved Mastin Kipp's tribute the most. Very inspiring indeed. LOVE!

2. This video created for Apple in 1997, narrated by Steve Jobs. It never did get released. I actually can't get enough of watching it! Soooo inspiring! LOVE!
3. Hugs. One of the greatest things Americans have taught me is to hug. I hug everyone now! Australians are not the best huggers around, let me tell you, but I manage to soften a few hearts when I do hug. LOVE!

4. Having my nails done by my good friend Kiera. She too has been inspired to paint crazy nails and was sooo looking forward to doing mine for the longest time! The nails in the pic aren't mine as I didn't get a chance to take a photo before they began to chip! Bright red lepoard print nails are defintiely fun to wear! LOVE! 

5. Crimping my hair! I have been in search for one this past month and told a friend who pulled out hers from way back when and gave it to me. It makes my hair look ridiculous, but I love it!
6. Driving. Yep, I'm back chauffeuring to keep my belly full and it feels great to be on the road again. I think I was born into this world with a steering wheel in my hand...seriously! LOVE!

7. This picture, or should I say, this warning. I couldn't find the original author but I do love it!

8. Parfait's! I've made two batches just in this last week! The great thing about these 'raw' desserts is that they are great for you! LOVE!

9. Hearing the news that my brother is now having green smoothies for breaky!!!! This is a BIG accomplishment as he is sooooo traditionally Italian in his choice of foods. The green smoothie LOVE is spreading! Check out my friend glo's post on how to make a green smoothie here. LOVE!

10. Forgetting that someone owed you money and getting it just when everything looks bleak as hell! YAY!!! LOVE!

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