Friday, September 30, 2011

love; ten things i love this week

1. This photographer studying in France. Gotta love a bit of flickering going on!

2. This GIANT disco ball by artist Michel de Broin! I must say, I do love a disco ball so much so that I had one in my loungeroom in the last place I lived at in Melbourne a few years ago. Check out more photos here and flick through to the video documentation at the end. LOVE!!!

3. Having a girly weekend with my friends Alex and Margaret. They are Greek and so the food thing is as HUGE for them as it is me. What a wonderful feast!!! I'll be posting Margaret's recipe for Dolmathes on Monday!!! LOVE!

4. Cooking straight out of my mums garden. Seriously, gotta love a mum who's a keen gardener! Takes all the work out of eating fresh! She has just planted Kale for my green smoothies...YAY!!! LOVE!

5. Playing the 'Damsel in distress' card with Australian Customs and having my real horses tails returned to me after the fumigation process in a week rather then 8 weeks!!! Gotta love that!!!!

6. This website. I have 'failed' soooo many times it's hilarious!!! LOVE!

7. Being back in Melbourne. Maybe it's because I have plans to come back to the States, but at the mo, I'm loving being here in this city. I'm definitely loving the cafe and bar culture that Melbourne is famous for. LOVE!

8. Google Street view! I can actually show you all where I live in Melbourne!!! My Mum and Dad bought this house in 1974!!! Can you believe it?!?!? This view is from a view years ago now, but nothing much has changed except for my neighbours crappy car being sold. LOVE!!!

9. Cooking up a vegan/raw feast for my fam. My mum and brother are very traditional in their approach to food, preferring a plate of pasta over anything else. This was a real treat as I made a raw dessert and starter and introduced them to healthy and satisfying Indian inspired vegan food. I was soooo excited that I forgot to take pics!!! :0( LOVE!!!!

10. Smash Poodles!!! Click on the 'toy poodle male/female' to see some hilarious pics! Some of you have already seen my profile pic of some amazing looking poodles over the last week or so and I have had some very interesting reactions to them. I LOVE THESE DOGS!!! I'm working on visualizing an apartment in New York, a partner who is a writer, a Smash Poodle named Lucy and a Main Coone cat named Tony. LOVE!!

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