Thursday, August 25, 2011

love; ten things i love this week

1. Having another application approved!!!!! I'm off next year to spend three months as artist-in-residence at NARS in New York!!! YAY! LOVE!!
2. Watching Pee-wee's Big Adventure at LACMA out door film series. Check out this article on Pee-wee's bike whereabouts today. I'm predicting that replicas of his bike are going to be on the market very, very soon...and I'll be the first to line up for one! LOVE!!!!

3. This lamp my friend Natalie bought for her new apartment!!! Looks amazing sitting atop vintage books! She was sooooo in love with one we had seen at a bar in San Diego that the second she was home, she had found one on-line! It made me want one too!!! LOVE!!!

4. Seeing sunsets/rises on the aeroplane. One of my favourite experiences whilst up in the air! LOVE!

4. Having a Martini date with a friend of mine AT 2.30AM!!!! She was soooo excited about me arriving to New York that there was no better time than the NOW! LOVE!!!!

5. Walking in the rain! Well, specifically, walking in New York! I think I've been living in L.A for a bit too long! I was like a gitty little girl at the rain this morning that all I wanted to do was stand in it NAKED!!!! LOVE!!!!

6. The sound of ice-cream trucks in the distance. Last night, as I was walking home in Brooklyn on a hot New York evening, the sounds of ice-cream truck music filled the air and made my long walk home all the more pleasant. I did enjoy this unexpected sound track. LOVE!!!!
7. New York. Yep, I am now officially in love with this city! It's my third visit in the last year, and yes, it was not really love at first sight. Maybe because L.A had stolen it and now the romance has subsided allowing room in my heart for New York. LOVE!!!

8. Working in cafe's with WIFI that have great coffee. That's exactly what I'm doing right now! I could sooooo get used to this way of life! LOVE!!!!

9. Girly night tonight with one of my besties. Yep, nails, facials, champagne, the works! LOVE a girly night in...WITH VEGAN PIZZA DELIVERED! LOVE!

10. Last week I mentioned being excited about something happening in New York, well, I'm pleased to say that I can now officially announce it...ONE OF MY BESTIE'S FROM MELBOURNE IN GETTING MARRIED HERE IN NEW YORK!!!!! She hadn't made the 'official' announcement via social media, so that's why I had to keep it from you all. Tomorrow's the big day and I am their witness! City Hall for the wedding then off to spend the afternoon row boating in Central Park and I'm going to coax everyone into a bike ride through the park as well! LOVE! BTW I'm the photographer, so I'll be posting some pics next week!

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