Thursday, August 18, 2011

love; ten things i love this week
1. Adding wheatgrass powder to my daily routine. It's not as bad mixed in with cranberry juice as it is with water and will give you that added kick desperately needed in the afternoon. LOVE!

2. Drinking a litre of water upon rising. I must admit, this was very difficult for the first few mornings! I'm an espresso kind of a girl. Now, I'm reaping the benefits of this small but effective health habit. LOVE!!!

3. All the pics on facebook regarding the double rainbow in Melbourne, Australia on Wednesday night. Soooo great to see everyone really enjoying such an amazing show by nature! LOVE!!!!

4. House sitting for a friend with a claw foot bath!!!! OMG! Is that not every girls dream?!?!? LOVE!!!!

5. Buying a new mask. This is 'AMAZING' and I highly recommend it! Find it here. LOVE!

6. The William Mulholland Memorial Fountain here in Loz Feliz, built in 1940.  It is a beautiful art deco fountain which has become my turn around point on my morning walk. LOVE!

7. Getting lovely comments posted on my F.B wall about my old place in Melbourne, Australia, affectionately known as 'Number 12'. I used to throw the most outrageous parties and miss it so. I was told I am Number 12, which made me all warm and fuzzy inside. LOVE!

8. Being a part of my friends raw supper club. How lovely to see people eat 'raw' cuisine for the first time. It really is a special way to prepare and eat food! My favourite was the raw ravoli! YUM! LOVE!

9.  Getting my eyebrows done. Sometimes, that's all a girl needs...LOVE!

10. Being invited to an amazing event, that I really can't give details of yet, in New York. Sooooooo exciting!!!! I'm out to buy a new dress today for it! I think hot pink is going to be very, very appropriate! LOVE!

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