Monday, April 18, 2011

love; ten things i love this week
1. I came across this a week or so ago and really loved the post so wanted to share. Check out these vintage flight attendants and advertisements. Something pretty cool about their outfits and hand drawn ads...bring back the hand drawn ads!!! LOVE!
2. Speaking of vintage fashions, check out these photos! LOVE!!! Well of course I do! It's Disneyland! Kevin Kidney is the guys name who has uploaded them onto his blog. What a great blog it is by the way! He used to be a Disney Designer! LOVE!
3. Esther Williams! I have sooooo gone vintage this week! I've been looking at synchronized swimming for an up coming work and have fallen in love with Esther's on-screen life and  Auqua Musicals! Check out this AMAZING blog dedicated to vintage swimwear with a post on Esther Williams. LOVE!
4. This sign being placed out in public at Dupont Circle in Virginia. Oh ok, it was part of an advertising campaign, but who cares! 
L O V E !!!

5. This random smiley sign that was by the freeway here in Melbourne, Australia. Gotta love a smiley sign while in traffic! LOVE!

6. Fluffy white clouds! I hadn't realised how much I missed them in L.A until I started to see them again here in Melbourne! There is something pretty special about fluffy white clouds against a wonderfully blue sky. LOVE!
7. Green grass! Melbourne, Australia has been in drought for such a long time that I had almost forgotten how the city looks with green grass! With all the rains recently, the city is soooo lush and green. Very beautiful indeed! LOVE!
8. Organising a studio! Next week I move into a small space that is about a half hour walk from where I currently live. I'm soooo excited about having a space to create again, while getting in some exercise by walking there everyday! My creative juices are keeping me up at night with such amazing ideas! Will keep you all posted. LOVE!
9. Borrowing a dehydrator from a friend for the week! I have already made some live burgers and flaxseed crackers. Looking forward to doing more this week. LOVE!

 10. The response I had from the Make Ai Weiwei's picture your F.B profile pic campaign. I started it during the week and the numbers just keep on climbing which is soooo great! Shows people are wanting to make a change in this world. LOVE!

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