Monday, April 11, 2011

love; ten things i love this week
1. My sister coming for a visit from New Zealand. She visits us once a year but I missed her last year as I was in The States. She is an absolute pleasure to feed and to show her what I've been up to with my work. LOVE!

2. My sister saying the best comment ever on the weekend while my mum and I were both in the kitchen cooking. My mum was doing her amazing Italian zucchini flower fritters while I was preparing my raw lunch and my sister said "It's like MasterChef in here!" I giggled so hard and said, "...and you're the judge!" LOVE!

3. Rainbows!!! It is Autumn (Fall) here in Australia and the rains are soooo grand! Love the sun shining it's glory through the rain and presenting me with a lovely rainbow! LOVE!

4. Detoxing. I have thoroughly enjoyed detoxing this week. it was my first real attempt at it and I highly recommend it! Check out my full post about the experience here. LOVE!!!

5. Drinking mineral water with slices of cucumber. As I'm drinking more water because of the detox, I'm finding mineral water with slices of cucumber or strawberries or other fruits really enjoyable! Makes drinking 2 Litres a day tolerable! LOVE!

6. Driving in Australia again. It took me a long time to get used to the other side in The States and it seems to be taking me a while to get used to driving back! Weird how that happens! Someone told me to remember that the driver side is always closest to the middle of the road, no matter what country you drive in. Great advice! LOVE!

7. This blog about Cake Wrecks! It is hilarious to see some disastrous cakes out there from bad spelling to just plain ugly! Check it out! LOVE!
8. Eating an Indian meal with my good Aussie friends. I did miss good Indian food in the States. Sorry guys, but Australia does have THE best Indian food around! LOVE!
9. All my Aussie friends excited about eating raw with me! So many have posted on my Facebook wall links to raw restaurants here in Melbourne, but I'm sure they will not compare to the ones in California! This IS a type of food Americans do very well! LOVE!
10. My Mum. With me being a crazy artist, my mum sure does handle me very well. it must be a tough job being the mum of an artist who keeps shaking up her own life to find something to satisfy that crazy hunger inside.  I LOVE MY MUM!


  1. I <3 Eat Pink Love's top 10 things to love! LOVE!

  2. I <3 that you <3 eatpinklove's top 10 things to love! Miss you like crazy girl! Especially when I was writing about my detox week! Bloody heavy writing to be doing without having you to bounce off! LOTS AND LOTS OF PINK LOVE TO YA! MUAH!