Monday, April 4, 2011

love; ten things i love this week

This week, I flew back to Melbourne to spend a few months with my family and friends, so things i love this week will be dedicated to my return to Melbourne, playing tourist in my hometown and catching up with friends.

1. Wearing my sequined Mickey ears and my I <3 L.A T-Shirt to the airport! LOVE!!

2. Having a last glass of pink champagne with my wonderful housemate Natalie at LAX. Bubbles and flying are a wonderful match made in heaven! LOVE!

3. I decided to order a vegan meal on the aeroplane on the way back from L.A and it was the best decision I've made! I've always ordered vegetarian meals and always just picked at the smelly things I uncovered. Choosing vegan, I had a really nice Indian curry for dinner and a fruit compote for breakfast. Try it if you hate aeroplane food! LOVE!

4. Having a very long Italian dinner with my family on the night I arrived back. Coming from an Italian background, you can only imagine how much of a feat it is! Eating is a three hour endeavor! I even made an artwork about it in 2007! Check it out here!
5. Waking up to the smell of espresso and the sound of Italian radio. I realised how much I missed hearing the Italian language on a regular basis! Might have to bring back mum's way of starting the day to L.A!

6. Having my first latte in Melbourne. Most of you may know that Melbourne is known for it's great coffee. It really is a town where bad coffee is hard to find. I met my friend Sam at this place that has opened up while I've been away called Ponyfish Island in Southbank. It is set under a walk way bridge on the Yarra River. Nice way to spend my second day in Melbourne!

7. Watching this catctus leaf float on by as we walked the river bank in Southbank. Sooooo random! It was a little L.A coming to say hi and reminding me it is simply an ocean away. LOVE!

8. Italian Hot Chocolate from Brunettis...A MUST! It will almost kill you but hey, what a lully way to die! LOVE!

9. Coming back to clothes I left behind. It feels like I've got a new wardrobe without having to shop! LOVE!

10. Seeing my 18 year old cat, Missy. Something kinda lully about old pets that are still around years later. She doesn't walk that well anymore and as a result, cannot climb at all, but she is still lively and young at heart. LOVE!

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