Monday, March 7, 2011

love; ten things i loved this week

Last week, I was still away from L.A so below are some things I loved about visiting a small area in Arizona.
1. Australian Shepherds, affectionately known as 'Aussies'. The bed and breakfast we stayed at in Beavers Creek had two of these dogs. I'm not much of a dog person but they were soooooo cute and affectionate! Loved them! It is funny that they are named Australian Shepherds when they actually did not originate there. LOVE!
2. David Singing Bear. David was introduced to us by the bed and breakfast people and we organised for him to take us around for the day. David is of Eastern Band Cherokee decent and had lots to share with us. What a warm fellow! LOVE!
2. Montezuma Castle in Arizona. What an amazing site to see these dwellings created into the side of the cliff, standing well preserved, to instigate the imagination. They were built around 700 AD. LOVE!

3. Montezuma Well. This is a sinkhole in Arizona and is a sacred place amounst the Yavapai people.  It was such a beautiful place to visit and I could definitely feel why it was considered a sacred place. LOVE!

4. Jerome. This old mining town has now become a tourist town and is set up high on a hilltop. It is such a cute looking place that was dotted with snow and has a history of whore houses, hotels and wealth. It has mines drilled throughout it's hillside and is a wonder the buildings haven't caved in! LOVE!

5. Old sign for a Whore House in Jerome. I'm not sure if it is the original sign but it sure does look like it! David did mention that this building was once a Whore House, but is now a gift shop. LOVE the stripy socks!

6. These pink flamingos! Seriously, I have no idea what they were doing there (St Pat's day?), but set against the back drop of the hills surrounding Jerome, they were very impressive indeed! Brought a smile to my face. LOVE!!!!
7. Driving along the historic Route 66. I will do the drive one day from L.A to Chicago, but for now, I can proudly say I drove along for five and a half hours on this amazing stretch of highway and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I do LOVE to drive!

8. These signs along Route 66. They are really cool with a vintage feel to them, advertising local businesses and some made of wooden slates. Nice to see advertising that is not for major corporations! LOVE!
9. I've said it before and I'll say it again...I LOVE TRAINS!!!!! I took the train from L.A to Santa Fe and back, which was a 19 hour train ride one way. Sunsets and sunrises are pretty spectacular on the trains. LOVE!.
10. The Feminine Mystique. This is the book I took away with me and I read almost all of it on my train travels to and from Santa Fe. What an amazing book! If you don't know of it, or you do but haven't had the chance to read it, do yourself a favour! LOVE!!!

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