Monday, March 28, 2011

love; ten things i love this week

1. The amusement park at Santa Monica Pier! I do love an amusement park and this one is pretty great being right on a pier! It opened in 1909 and you can find out more about it's history here. LOVE!

2. The way all the stuffed toy prizes are lined up in rows at amusement parks and how sad and weather beaten some look. I do love the mass of them, all with different personalities! LOVE! You can check out more pics on eatpinklove's Facebook page!

3. Zoltar! I'm soooo loving Zoltar and his fortune telling cards at amusement parks here in The Sates. Something kinda creepy about them but oh soooo right! This one at Santa Monica Pier even had a button to translate his words of wisdom into Spanish! LOVE!!!

4. Carousels. This photo I took of the one at Santa Monica pier. There is something magical about Carousels.  LOVE!!

5. Having in impromptu rose petal fight with my housemates, while drinking champagne! We ended up taking a series of crazy photos wearing a petal on our noses! CRAZY LOVE!

6. Going to The Valley with my friend glo to have a facial! I am soooo bad at relaxing and being quiet that they told me to shhhhhh. Too much fun to be had as a Valley Girl! LOVE!!!

7. My housemate turning her hair pink for eatpinklove's party! Now thats commitment! LOVE!!!

8. Painting men's nails! I do love to see nail polish on a heterosexual male! Something kinda manly about it! LOVE!!!

9.  Toasting to my time in L.A with Dolphina's famous Cup Cake Martini's! Yes, I will be posting this yummy recipe soon! LOVE!
10. I've said it before and I'll say it again; I Heart L.A! Oh how I'm going to miss this city, but as Arnie said one fine 80's day, "I'll be back!" LOVE!!

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