Sunday, March 20, 2011

love; ten things I love this week
1. Crossaints with coffee!!! Dolphina and I went out for THE most amazing crossaints the other morning. Straight outta the oven! When is someone going to make a vegan crossaint? Oh actually, that might be my path to millions!!!! LOVE!!!

2. Liquid Smoke. I'm not sure if it is in Australia, but let me tell you, this little bottle of smoking goodness will add the most amazing flavour to your dips, marinades and anything else. LOVE!!!

3. This video on happiness. I do hope my 18yo nephews watch this as they are starting their first year at University and it touches them. LOVE!!!
4. OMG!!!! My friend Glo sent me a link to a great idea! Click HERE! 

5. These photos of Basset Hounds! A friend of mine posted this link on F.B and they are funny! LOVE!!!!

6. These shoes! I bought them this week and they are the hottest pink (the photo does no justice!) you've ever seen! Best part is they are recycled!!!! LOVE!

7. This music box component. My housemate Natalie was cleaning her room the other day and came in to mine saying she had something for me. Oh what a lully thing it is indeed! It plays 'It's A Small World', which means soooo much to me right now. It was the first ride I went on, on my first trip to Disneyland and as I am leaving my wonderful Lala Land next week, it was the perfect thing to remind me Lala Land is never going to be that far away from me. LOVE!
8. Rain arriving on L.A's doorstep and sticking around that little bit too long, like an unwanted visitor! I must admit it is a wonderful thing when rain does visit L.A. It is the perfect excuse to stop, put on the under worked heater and bake all day! Vegan cupcakes came out of my oven in abundance today!

9. Just got an email from Gallery 1988 here in L.A who are having a show about rabbits! 100 artists were asked to participate by interpreting Watership Down, a fantasy/political novel about a small group of rabbits. Looks amazing! Will have to check it out during the week! You can see the pics here.

10. Creating a Facebook page for eatpinklove! I loved creating a logo for it and am enjoying writing my short fantasy lines for it everyday. Check it out here and become a fan!

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