Monday, March 14, 2011

love; ten things I love this week

1. OMG!!!! Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen?!?!?!?! Cats with wigs...yes, they do actually make them specifically and you too can buy one for your precious little fuzzy love! It's soooo strange but oh so right! You can check out more at the website. LOVE!!!!!

2. The real life Simpsons house! I am not a fan of The Simpson's but I can certainly appreciate anything from cartoons transformed into reality! The house was built as a competition to win way back in 1997. The house does still exist, but it has been de-Simpsonized :0(  You can see what it now looks like here. One day I hope to have a house that looks like this! Check out the interior photos here.

3. Speaking of cartoon houses made into reality...Mini's kitchen at Disneyland is my sort of kitchen!!!! LOVE!!!!

4. Finding this little piece of stuffed joy! I was walking to the bus stop and came across it just sitting on the fence. A big thanks to the person who made me smile :0) LOVE!!!

5. I came across this really cool photo but can't download it! Check out this link. LOVE IT!!!
6. Cafe Gratitude coming to L.A! Oh how I loved this place in San Francisco and they have finally arrived here in L.A. They have titles for their meals like "I Am Elated" for their raw burrito and "I Am Extraordinary" for their BLT. Crazy really as it does feel odd to make a statement like that to your waiter/waitress but it is part of the experience. Go hippy!!!!! Pity I only now have a two weeks to enjoy the place before I head home to Australia. LOVE!

7. The bathroom at Cafe Gratitude. This photo doesn't show it well, but written all over  the mirror was "I am an expression of beauty". LOVE!!!
8. Sorry guys but I couldn't resist! More Cafe Gratitude! On Saturday night I went back to Cafe Gratitude with my housemate and bought their cookbook!!!! YAY!!! When I left San Francisco, that was one of my biggest regrets not having bought their book. Now I have it! And yes, you'll all benefit from me owning it! LOVE!

9. This car I'm driving! Yes it is an ex cop car! My friend Megan from Kumquat Kitchen drives this car around sometimes (don't ask!) and she has lent it to me for the week that she is in Hawaii. It is soooo funny watching people react to the car. One guy yelled out to me "Aint you gonna give him a ticket!!!!" while I was stopped at the lights. Soooo funny! LOVE!

10. Cruising along Mulholland Drive. Yes, Lynchy reference here.  If you haven't done it, I highly recommend it! Lot's of great views of Lala Land. I'm playing tourist for the next two weeks here in Lala Land. Oh how I will miss this place :0(


  1. that cat wig thing is creepy

  2. You know you're gonna have to get one when you get a cat in your life!!!

  3. I am planning on visiting LA in August and that Cafe Gratitude place sounds AMAZING! Can you email me a list of restaurants I need to go to? Thank you! Email is


  4. Hi Danielle,

    Cafe Gratitude is AMAZING! I have been there three times this week! they only opened up in L.A at the end of February and have had huge success! Are you into raw restaurants or vegetarian ok too? I suggest Cru (, which have THE most amazing raw blueberry cheesecake, Elf cafe ( for good hearty vegetarian meals, RFD ( for great vegan burgers and BLT's, and Planet Raw ( for the original raw restaurant ever! Hope you enjoy Lala Land! It is such a wonderful part of this amazing world we live in. LOVE!!!!