Sunday, February 27, 2011

love; ten things i love about santa fe

photo by Chris Fitzpatrick
1. This sign! How lully to have come across it while walking around Santa Fe on my first day here! Made me feel very special indeed! More LOVE to the world!

2. These leaf prints in the concrete along a path in Santa Fe. I imagined a team of big strong men laying down the concrete with all their strength, then taking time to gently press a leaf or two into the wet concrete. LOVE!

photo by Chris Fitzpatrick
3. Champagne foam! Recently, a friend described the snow in Colorado as being like Champagne foam. I never thought I'd experience it but I did this week in Santa Fe! You can blow away a handful of snow with your breath! LOVE!!!!!

4. The Museum of International Folk Art have a permanent exhibition that is a MUST if visiting Santa Fe. It is Alexander Girard collection of toys and folk artifacts from around the world he collected throughout his life, titled Multiple Visions: A Common Bond. My favourites were his collection of tin toys that wind up. Pity I couldn't play with them though! LOVE!
5. The interiors of the restaurants in Santa Fe. The adobe houses here not only look great on the outside, but they are amazing on the inside too! White walls with a rustic finish, wooden tables and exposed beams makes eating out a real pleasure. LOVE!

photo by Chris Fitzpatrick
6. When I was  kid, my brother had an electric train set that I was soooooo jealous of. It had Santa Fe Railway written on it but no-one in my family actually knew what that meant. Well, now I can say my brother may have had the train set and egged on my jealously by not letting me play with it as a kid, but I now have one up on him as I have come to visit the place his train set was inspired by!!!!! LOVE!!!!

7. The fire place in our adobe. They are called Kiva and are typical in the adobes of New Mexico. LOVE having a fireplace crackling while writing away at my computer!

photo by Chris Fitzpatrick
8. Santa Fe at night. It is a quiet town right now as it is the winter season, so there aren't too many people walking the streets. I'm staying near Canyon St where street lights don't exist, so the only source of light for the evening is from the restaurants and galleries.  Very romantic indeed! LOVE!
9. Pomegranate Margarita! YUM! Chris and I enjoyed a night of drinking one too many of these after a lully dinner at The Compound. LOVE!!!!
10. The blue doors with strings of chili. Apparently the blue on the painted doors is an old Mexican practice believed to prevent evil spirits from entering the house and the chiliies drying are to eat. LOVE the colour combo!

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