Sunday, February 6, 2011

love; 10 things I love this week
1. This website! My friend Julishka from Berlin sent me the link and I love it! He is a French designer and his site reminds me of my favourite book covers as a kid...remember the ones with a hologram on the cover?!?!?! I used to put them up close to my face and get lost in their 3D worlds. LOVE!

2. Speaking of friend Kiera got me onto this one last year but I have just rediscovered it this week after talking about it with another friend. Alannah Hill is an Australian fashion designer and her website is definitely a reflection of her style. LOVE!!!
3. Jackalope. It is a mythical animal of North American folklore, being described as a cross between a jackrabbit and an antelope I love this sooooo much! Last night we came across two of them (well kinda) taxidermy on the walls of the places we visited. I love the idea of creating hybrid animals that don't exist (well in photoshop of course!). LOVE!!!
4. Cheshire Moon. Am I like the ONLY person in the world that has never heard of the moon being referred to as the Cheshire Moon?!?!?! Have I been hiding under a rock or what! I always called it a sickle (which is awful!). My friend Greg referred to the moon as the Cheshire cat moon a month ago and now, every time I see it like this, I give the moon a big huge grin back. LOVE!!!!

5. This bag my friend Katya gave me for Christmas. She was in the gay district in Chicago and happen to stumble across this bag in a drag queen shop and thought of me....ummm....YES!!!!! I took it with me to Vegas and everyone commented on it!  Any which way you look at it, it has a face with a big smile on it! LOVE!

6. My souvenir from Vegas. I'm not much of a trinket person but I do love to bring back something for myself that is not your average souvenir. I found this in the gutter in Vegas and it is perfect! It seems to be a pipe of some sort that has been flattened by a car (or few!). LOVE!!!!

7. Talking about souvenirs...this is mine from Los Angeles. It is road kill! Well, doll road kill! I imagine some girl throwing a tanty at her parents and in retaliation, throwing out her doll from the car window. Looks like the doll had a few lives under its belt even if she don't look to good right now. LOVE!!!!

8. And San Francisco is this headless, armless tin toy. I found it in a recycling place and couldn't leave him behind! He is even wearing his price tag on his chest; 10 cents! LOVE!!!!

9. Palms restaurant here in L.A. It is a Thai restaurant in Thai town and they have a Thai Elvis impersonator who is very pleased with himself. It is super cheesy and really fun to watch! Oh and the food is really good too! LOVE!!!

10. Mexican Gay Bar. Last night as we were heading to get something to eat at 1.30 am after starting our night early downing the drinks, I dragged everyone into a bar we were passing and it turned out to be a Mexican gay bar!!!!! Something soooo hot about seeing two Latino men pashing on the dance floor! LOVE!!!!

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