Sunday, January 2, 2011

love; things I love this week
1. Echo Park Lake. Yep a man-made lake a few short blocks away from where I live. I packed a picnic for one the other week and sat in the winter sun reading my lush Pin Up architectural magazine which features Los Angeles, taking breaks from reading to watch the ducks paddle around the lake. LOVE!

2. I heart my hood Echo Park and Silverlake. Full of high and low culture, Hispanics and Hipsters (go the double H!!!!), cheap 99c stores next to one off indy designer dress stores. Great coffee at Intelligetsia where really good looking young men fuss over making you a perfect coffee, the coolest vintage shops and super cheap Mexican food restaurants and supermarkets. Even though we have had two shootings in two weeks (!) I still  LOVE my hood!!!!
3. My morning routine. I wake up and straight to the stove I go to make myself an espresso. Once done, I go back into my room and start my morning pages, pencil in one hand, coffee in the other. This normally takes about 20-30 mins, then back to the kitchen to make my green smoothie. I do feel sorry for my housemates! Waking to the sound of a blender must be the worst way to start your day!
 4. It's been raining here in Lala Land for a few days now (yes, we do get it occasionally!!!!) and I love waking up to it! It is almost a 'get in free' pass to stay in bed and just read all day. I do have the luxury now to be able to decided whether I do or not and let me tell you, it aint a hard decision to make!!!!! LOVE!
5. I hated palm trees for a very long time. Still did when I got here in L.A but I have come to love them! They are a huge part of the history of L.A even though they are not native. Every where you look, you'll see palm trees on the horizon, or sticking up high out of the hills within. I do love them, maybe it's just a symbol of loving L.A!
6. Driving in L.A! Yes I know, this sounds ridiculous as everyone whinges about the traffic, but I love it!!!!! Natalie has been away for a few days and let me drive her car. I must admit, I was very nervous at the idea but once I was behind the wheel, I felt like a pro again! It has been nearly nine months since I drove and it made me realise how much I miss it. I DO LOVE DRIVING!!!!!!
7. Buying myself and my housemates a tiara for Christmas! How wonderful and necessary for everyone to have one! I'm hoping to wear it in a bubble bath at some stage this year! Our bath here in L.A isn't quite right but I am going to manifest the most amazing bath and fill it with lots and lots of bubbles!!!! LOVE!
 8. My sequined Minnie Mouse ears!!!! I took the bow off and wore them on New Years Eve! Sooo much fun! I will be wearing them randomly through the year I'm sure!!! LOVE!!!!
9. My new Alice In Wonderland tea cup! I bought this at Disneyland and LOVE it!!!! You can get one too on Amazon. Makes drinking a cup of my Madura soooooo much nicer!!!!!

10. Having friends visit me here in L.A. This week, I have had a friend from Australia with her sister visit and Katya from Chicago. It definitely allows you to be a tourist in the city you live in when friends drop by. LOVE!!!!!!

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