Sunday, January 9, 2011

love; 10 things I love this week
1. Panettone French Toast for brekky!!!! Katya and I enjoyed it all week following Christmas day when I made my first Panettone ever! If you give the Panettone recipe a go, follow it up the next few days by mixing 4 eggs with 2/3c of milk, a sprinkling of cinnamon and a few drops of vanilla essence. Fry it up in some butter and serve with maple syrup....LOVE!!!!! I was introduced to this website by a friend at LACE the other day. You can create your own movies using the characters available and have hours and hours of fun! It definitely removed the boredom of invigilating for a few hours by making these cute and sweet looking characters swear and curse and say rude things!  Give it a go!!!! Soooo much fun to be had...LOVE!!
3. Marilyn Manson. Yep, I have discovered him in a BIG way this past week while researching Alice in Wonderland stuff. He has been working on a film about Charles Lutwidge Dodgson/Lewis Carroll since 2006. Here is a link to the trailer. What an inspiration!!!! LOVE!!!!
4. Pipilotti Rists book Apricots Along The Streets. I ordered this book a couple of weeks ago and am waiting in anticipation for its arrival! She describes it as 'a book I would love to get from my twin sister, who only exists in my dreams'. Bring it on I say!!!!!! LOVE!!!!
5. Hot pink nail polish! I love it whilst wearing a black and white outfit. LOVE!

6. PINK CHAMPAGNE!!!!! I do love drinking pink bubbles, but I must admit, I hate the harsh hangover! I always ignore it when I've had a night on the bubbly, well try to anyways. LOVE!!!!

7. Macro video and still cameras....I WANT ONE!!!!! I have been working on a new vid and using macro within it and LOVING the detail!!!! Check out macro photography in google images or even better, check out macro video on youtube. Hours and hours of fun!!!! LOVE!

8. I know...sooooo Nineties, but I do love an oil burner. I bought myself one a few months ago and love having it burning away in the corner as I write. Lavender is my favourite. Bring back the oil burner!!!!!! LOVE!
9. Disco balls! Are they not the best invention EVER?!?!?! I used to have one at my last place, affectionately known as Number 12, that would come out for parties. One day I will have one in my bedroom. LOVE!!!!

10. Dressing up for a night on the town. From putting on my make up, to deciding what to wear, sometimes I find this part of the evening a lot more exciting than the evening itself! This is a pic of me last night going to Culver City Gallery Openings. I wore my sequined Mickey ears and completely lost count at the random compliments I received throughout the night. Mickey is definitely held dear to the Americans hearts...LOVE!!!!!

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