Monday, January 31, 2011

love; 10 things I love about Vegas

I just returned from my first trip to Vegas and decided to write about 10 things I loved about Sin City. 'twas interesting indeed! Unfortunately I left my camera battery charging at home, so no photos (well apart from me posing for Michael's shots!!!)
1. The famous 'Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas' sign. It was created in 1959 and is a great example of graphic design of the time. The sign conjures up images of what Vegas would have been like in the '50's with the likes of The Rat Pack performing, Frank Sinatra and the Mafia doing their thing, while debauchery was happening everywhere! The sign has now become a logo for Vegas and is slapped onto all sorts of souvenirs. LOVE!
2. Ladies dressed in sequins. Every second woman was dressed in some sort of something, in sequins; from scarves to dresses to shoes. I LOVED it! Even for breakfast, ladies were out with their sparklys simply because they could. LOVE!!!!

photo; Michael Dewhurst
3. The Venetian!!! Maybe it's just my desire to go and live in Venice that attracted me to this amazing hotel, or maybe it's just because it's f@#%ing FABULOUS! It has the canals running through the inside of the hotel and cheesy gondolier paddlers singing along under a blue cloudy sky painted on the ceiling! LOVE!!!! (that's me posing in seventh heaven with my mickey sequined ears!!!!!)
4. The drive through Chapels!!!! Michael and I played the game of acting like we were in search of a place to get married and went into a few chapels and were given the royal treatment. Soooooo funny!!!!!  You can even get your picture taken at one of the chapels with a full life-size glistening plastic white horse pulling along Cinderellas carriage!!!! A must if you go to Vegas with a friend of the opposite sex! LOVE!!!!!
5. Urban legends of Las Vegas. This website is really funny and dispells some myths that you may have heard along the way of stories about Vegas. Check it out. LOVE!

6. "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." Yep, that's what everyone says to you as you're heading towards Sin City! The quote was created by Jeff Candido and Jason Hoff written as an advertising slogan for the Las Vegas Conventition and Visitors Authority in 2002. It is a spin off from previous interpretations relating to 'boys weekends away'. Vegas has soooo many quotes attached to it and I love that. Check this out!
7. Downtown Vegas. Yes it is a very sad area, with those that are not invited to The Strip party being shoved into a small street called Fremont St. They have tried to bring in the tourists by creating a ridiculous $70 million light canopy that has a show on the hour, every hour. It is sooooo lame! But the bit I enjoyed most about downtown Las Vegas was walking into a bar that was off the tourist track with Michael and having a beer with some locals. There was only 10 people in this bar on a Friday night and the bar staff were singing into a microphone with the piano player in the corner, while serving drinks!!!! Talk about multi-tasking!!!! LOVE!!!!
8. This four story high red stiletto in the downtown area!!! It had soooo many lights and slowly spun around! I was in awe!!!! I WANT SHOES LIKE THIS!!!! Here is a link to the Neon Museum where you can check out other historic signs. Check out this Yelp page for more photos too! LOVE!!!!

9. China Poblano restaurant. YUUUUUUMMMMMMMMM!!!! Thats all I need to say! Check out the link! LOVE!
10. The Stratosphere Hotel. Michael and I went up there just before sunset and it was amazing to see how crazy the city really is! There is nothing beyond the tall hotel buildings along The Strip, except for sprawling suburbia. The Stratosphere has three rides on top at 108 stories high! One of the rides hangs over the edge, twirling you around while another pushes you out over it!!! Check out these images. Oh and you can jump off the building if you want, too! Michael and I enjoyed two for one Chocolate Martinis on our way down. YUM!!!

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