Monday, December 27, 2010

love; 10 things i loved about 2010

1. Disneyland. Oh I know those of you out there that simply HATE Disneyland, but let me tell you, I WAS IN HEAVEN!!!!! It was my first time there, ever and it truly is a magical place. Everything is pruned and sparkling clean and lots of colours and things moving all the time! LOVE!!!!

2. Going sailing for the first time in my life! How magical it is to glide along the water without sound.?!?!?! I felt like a bird feeling the wind against me and enjoying the stillness of the water. LOVE!

3. Watching the sunset over the water. I had only seen this once before when I went to Perth to visit my cousin. Here in L.A they are even more beautiful and special as they are leaving me here in L.A to go and wake my friends and family in Australia. LOVE!!!!

4. Being able to eat at many raw restaurants here in California and the endless vegan product options in supermarkets here! Gotta love that! Apparently there is only one in raw place in Melbourne and the reviews aren't that great. Here, they're everywhere!!!!! LOVE!!!!
5. Discovering the joy of reading! I have read more books in the past year than I have in my lifetime!!!! I have really enjoyed what a book can offer; knowledge, amazing conversation, and me time! LOVE!

6. Going to a pumpkin patch! I couldn't believe that they actually exist! How great to see people out for the day choosing a pumpkin to carve! And what an experience carving one is! Cleaning out the seeds and goo is a bit wrong to touch but once that bit is over, it truly is an exciting thing to do! I must admit, mine turned out to be very impressive indeed!!!!

7. Halloween in the States!!!!! How amazing to see it in its origins! EVERYONE gets into it doing up their houses with orange lights, jack-o-lanterns and fake spider webs with skeletons. I loved the dressing up!!!!! Might be my favourite American celebration! It also coincides with the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations so it is doubly colourful and a real bonding session happens with everyone here. LOVE!!!!

8. Catching the train from Los Angeles to New York. Wow what an effort! I had been planning it for months and even though a one way ticket was more than a return air fare, it really was worth the experience. Even Americans  are impressed with it! I must admit though, it did nearly kill me! 
9.Having two summers in 2010! I left Australia at the end of summer and came to L.A at the beginning of thats what I call a wonderful year! It is my ideal scenario and one that I am aiming for, two houses, one in the Northern Hemisphere and one in the Southern, moving between the two to never experience winter again! I'm going for it! Hoping L.A will be my spot...

10. Outdoor ice skating on Christmas Eve in downtown L.A!!!!! Soooo great! It wasn't as cold as I thought it might be, but we are in L.A afterall!!!! What a lovely feeling to be skating while surrounded by trees lit up with coloured fairy lights, tall buildings and a clear starry night. Why doesn't Melbourne do this in July?!?!?! LOVE!!!!

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