Sunday, December 12, 2010

love; 10 things i found to love this week
1. TRAINS!!!! Oh how I do love a train ride. My first overnight train trip was from Hong Kong to Beijing in 2008 and recently I took the train from L.A to New York!!! Yes you heard me right, L.A to New York! The ride was over three days and nights. I felt like a 1920's movie star leaving L.A all dressed up in heels, off to New York by rail. LOVE!
2. PLANES!!!! Oh how I do love flying! I've done many long distance travel that only Australians can really relate to. I do have a giggle when an American says that Europe is such a long flight...TRY 26 HOURS MELBOURNE TO LONDON GUYS!!!!! The excitement of going to a new place somehow does override the pain of long distance plane flights! LOVE!!!
3. Turning yourself into a diamond when you die?!?!?! Well, you can't do it because you'll be dead, but someone else can turn you into a diamond!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!! Check it out!

4. I love a steaming hot shower! Now when I say hot, I mean the tiniest turn of the cold water you've ever seen! I'm sooooo not one of those people who can handle a cold shower, nor do I think jumping into a cold natural bath is actually sanity!!!! Give me heat any day! LOVE!!!
5. I heart L.A!!! I love this city! It is a mix of plastic fantastic and down right dirty rundown suburbia. In one day this city of Angels can turn my mood from an incredible dark deep depression where I don't want to leave my bed to the height of ecstasy where I don't want to fall asleep in case I miss something! It truly is a great city that is better lived in than visited as a tourist. LOVE!
6. Writing and sending Christmas cards via snail mail. I have the opportunity to do this now that I am away from home and I LOVE IT!!!! Such a nice feeling when you do get something in the mail that has hand writing on the envelope and IS NOT a bill! LOVE!!!!

7. My artist friends in Melbourne. How I love them sooo much and miss them like crazy! This photo was taken the morning after a party I had at my house, affectionately known as Number 12. We had pasta with cherry tomatoes and fresh basil for brunch, served in that big wok in the middle of the table. Gotta love dear friends! LOVE!!!

8. My housemates Dolphina and Natalie. They are the most amazing and inspiring women I have met here in the states and am soooo grateful for the universe to have introduced them to me and this home we now have. They are an absolute pleasure to feed!!!! LOVE!!
9. Baci chocolates! With their cheesy love messages and wonderfully perfect combination of chocolate and nuts, they truly are a kiss from the gods! I just ate one and the message inside was "The notes of love enhance our joy'...Ahhhhhhh. LOVE!!
10. Having a Bubble Bath with Dolphina at Sip City! A Bubble Bath at Sip City is a tasting of their range of champagnes and you can have a cheese platter that is matched to each bubbly! Bring on the bubbles!!!! LOVE!!!!

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